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gRide BCycle


  • What is BikeShare?

  • Why do we need BikeShare on campus?

  • Who is running BikeShare?

  • What are the BikeShare bikes like?

  • How does the BikeShare system work?

Joining BikeShare

  • How much does it cost to join BikeShare?

  • What is a B-card and how does it work?

  • How do I get a B-card?

Your BikeShare Account

Using BikeShare

  • How do I choose which bike to check out from a BikeShare station?

  • What do I need to know about riding a BikeShare bike?

  • Do I have to wear a helmet?

  • Does BikeShare provide helmets for riders?

  • When is BikeShare available?

  • What if I want to return a bike during non-system hours?

  • What if a bike I have checked out has a problem?

  • What if I lose the key to the bike’s built-in lock, or the bike is lost or stolen?

  • What if I am involved in an accident?

  • What if I want to reserve a bike?

  • What if I want to keep a bike all day or longer?

  • How do I find stations?

  • What if I want to check out a bike, but a station is empty? How do I find stations with available bikes?

  • What if I need to return a bike and the BikeStation is full?

  • What do the lights and sounds on the dock signify?

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